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Type of Premium Souvenir Gift Branding Methods

1) Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing on memo box

Screen Printing, also known Premium Gift Malaysia or Souvenir Gift as silk screening involves use of a frame with screen or a mesh that has been stretched over it. This procedure involves creating design over the screen, where the whole apparatus is called as “stencil”. Normally an ink is used for printing the design from stencil to the target medium. Normally it applies to flat surface premium gift items and it can print up to 4 solids color.

2) Pad Printing

Pad Printing on plastic pen

Pad printing involves use of silicon printing pad along with a procedure where semi-sticky inks are created. The ink is then filled in an engraved surface and since the ink is sticky in nature, it gets picked up by the pad and is then transferred to the surface which needs to be printed. It is normally apply to non flat surface gift items. Here is a good video showing pad printing for promotional gifts.

3) Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing on laptop backpack

Heat transfer printing, also known as thermal printing, thermal-wax printing or thermal-transfer printing involves use of heat for transferring the image from wax to some item or object. In fact, thermal-based printing method usually involves use of pre-printed images over a single sheet of wax, or creates printed-on-the-fly images produced by putting a layer of wax dye over some item or object. The heat-transfer printing technique can work as an alternative to other printing techniques. It is most suitable for logo with full color and with gradient color.

4) Laser Engraving

souvenir malaysia

It involves use of laser for marking or etching a surface. In fact, it is one of the best engraving techniques, which has become quite popular. However, it has some drawbacks, such as it is highly expensive. On the other hand, it delivers accurate results, and is quite versatile since it can be used for several applications and could use several materials. The engraving techniques may vary depending upon the kind of material and project and different laser engraving equipments would be required. Laser engraving produce no color.  The engraved logo will be the color of the base material of the metal.


Artwork Guideline
1) Customer has to be provided the artwork (logo or wording) preferably in ai (adobe illustrator) or vector eps format. Text wordings must be outlined and images has to be embedded into the raw file before submitted the file to us.
2) For silkscreen printing and pad printing job, we required you to provide the correct pantone colour code  (solid coated).  We will best match the colours if you are unable to provide us the color code. 
3) PDF format may be accepted provided it is saved as vector editable file.
4) For embroidery, we will use the pantone colour code to find the closest thread colour for the logo or wordings only.  There might have 15-20% different in terms of colour toning based on this restriction.
5) For heat transfer printing, images format like JPEG, TIFF and BMP. However, the images must be in high resolution. 
We provide service to redraw the logo to working vector format if customers are unable to provide us the above mentioned format. 
If the logo is simple, we provide this service free of charge. Small fee may be applied if the logo to be redrawed is complicated or multiple changes are required on the artwork.
Digital Proof
We will email the digital proof for customer confirmation prior the mass production.  Customer has to be confirmed the artwork by email in order for us to proceed the production. No changes of artwork will be entertained after the artwork is approved by written.
Mock Up sample
We may produce one mock up sample for approval before the mass production depending on the ordered quantity. The printing dimension will be similar to the approved artwork size with slight tolerance of 2-3mm. Customer can request to have mock up sample approval for small quantity; however RM50.00 set up charge will be applied.

Order Process Flow Chart

Process Flow Chart for ordering Corporate gifts from this website